Our scottie has dog agression

He is fine at our home(but not at passing by dogs) and he is fine at other homes but on the street or at the beach he instantly turns on attack mode. And it's not just get away from me, it's going for the kill. He is the sweetest guy towards people but any dogs walking by he barks and growls. He is 6 years old and was neutered this last summer. The aggression has not improved. I know I should get professional help but I cannot afford it. I do have 15 years of dog experience and I know his body behavior like the back of my hand. I would love to take him on long hikes like he needs and deserves but it's just a big risk with all the dogs that are walking. Oh and the other dogs could completely ignore him but he still switches into attack mode.

Asked by Harley on Jan 25th 2013 in Behavior & Training
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So, i know this is childish but we had a mini water gun (10cm long maybe) whenever our dog barked we squirted her in the face so she associated this punishment with barking she very quickly stopped.
you could also use like a spray thing (the kind you get polish and etc. stuff in)
Also try to remember that most dogs bark because they're scared. What could your dog be scared of.
YOu can find social classes (which WIILLLLL help) for as little as a fiver per session.
flo hope i helped x

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