Our puppy absolutely refuses to go into his crate.

We just got a 5 month old goldendoodle and he absolutely refuses to go into his crate. We can occasionally get him in using treats, but even that is a 10-15 minute task. He has no problems once he is in there. Very little barking even when home alone. Please help, I am just about out of patience.

Asked by Member 1088125 on Jan 29th 2012 Tagged puppy, crate in Crate Training
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This sort of behaviour is actually more a reflection of him challenging your authority than anything else. Once you assert your dominance outside the crate you will have a much easier time getting him to accept your lead. Also try to avoid giving him a treat to "coax" him into the create, instead he should be expected to go in of his own volition and THEN he gets his reward. A lot of dog owners toss a treat in the create and quickly close it while the dog is eating which only serves to make your beloved companion feel tricked and trapped. The crate should be a friendly place to them.

Here is an article that goes into more detail:

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You need to find something that he absolutely loves and he only gets this when he is in the crate. Lead him to the crate with this treat or toy and once he is calm then you can shut the dog. Give only light praise so he doesn't get excited.

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