Our poop is encased in some type of gelatineous skin.

We all had shots 2 weeks ago, it's three of us. About a week ago our Mom bought us a new treat called Meaty Bone Flavor Treats. Our poop was loose two days ago. But after being given pepto and electrolytes, our poop is firm but encased in a gelatineous skin. We are eating and drinking well and playing normally. Should our parents be concerned?

Asked by Member 620217 on May 7th 2008 Tagged gelatin, poop, vaccination, meatybone in Illness & Disease
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That's a mucous coating. It means your digestive system is still under duress. Did you pitch the treats? Feed the dogs twice a day, with no snacks to give the tummy a rest. Should be OK as long as poo is firm. Untreated, it can progress to IBS and then the fun begins.

Lily answered on 5/7/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


Lily is right.

Basically, the colon produces a gelatin like coating when it is irritated, so anything that passes through it is covered in this sort of goopy gel like substance. It is significant because it is a clear indication of an irritated colon, but it is usually something that goes away on its own.

Definitely discontinue that treat in your house and consult a vet. I wouldn't actually give a dog pepto or electrolytes unless I spoke with the vet first. That can actually make things worse in certain cases. You may have already gone to the vet or been given the suggestion by the vet, though.

Ultimately, if it continues for more than another day or so, its probably vet time again. Otherwise, it usually passes (pardon the pun!) within a day or so.

Jack answered on 5/7/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer