Our 20 month male dalmatian has just mated for the first time. He is now searching for the bitch and yelping. Any advi

Asked by Member 1156750 on Feb 24th 2013 in Behavior & Training
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Welcome to the world of managing a stud dog!!!
At just 20 months old, not only is he not mature enough to handle the hormones, but he is also too young to have had the necessary pre-breeding testing certifications which make the difference between a responsible breeder and a BYB. Prebreeding testing and certification is the ONLY way to assure your dog is not passing on health issues such as deafness, hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, vision issues and other hereditary issues that plague dalmations. Dogs need to be 2 years of age for this certification and there is a reason for waiting until they are that age.
Hopefully, at least the bitch has had her testing and is 2 years old.
Most genetic conditions ARE recessive genes, there is no way to tell who is carrying what without testing prior to breeding. If both parents are recessive for hereditary deafness, blindness, HD, or other issues, you will be creating pups that WILL have the diseases and cause heartbreak for their new owners.

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I will never understand why people act first and ask questions later. Hopefully you didn't just create a litter of genetic nightmares and heartbreak for future owners. But have fun with your dog, and get used to the ruckus. If you can't be responsible about it do everyone a favor and get him neutered.

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