Opinions on bark collars??

Opinions on bark collars?? I have a 6 month pitbull, 6 month boxer, & 10 wee pit. Id only use them for the older dogs.

Asked by Tyson on Sep 4th 2012 in Barking
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My opinion? They are a poor substitue for training. They are aversive & can create more problems for you down the road.
You can teach them to bark on cue, which makes it easier to teach them to stop on cue. Many dogs, once they learn to bark on cue, won't bark unless given the cue & yummy treat for doing so.

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I completely agree with Wiley.

Obi answered on 9/4/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


I also agree with wiley. Im not big on bark collars. After awhile dogs will realize that the shock will only happen when that collar is on. Also sometimes they dont work and the dogs will bark right threw them. There are other techniques you can use though.

rocks in a can..shake it when the dog starts to bark.

a spray bottle or a squirt gun..spray/squirt your dog when it starts barking.

Carter answered on 9/5/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


I also agree with Wiley, and I totally disagree with the previous poster who suggested spraying with water, which is also considered an adversive and does nothing to teach the dog not to bark, only punishes it when it does bark, much like a bark collar does.
I have toy poodles, and NONE of my dogs are barkers since I taught them to bark, THEN acknowledged the barking and rewarded them when enough was enough and they stop.
Yes, it takes longer to teach them how to bark and when to stop than punishing your dog for barking with a shock collar or spray bottle or can of stones, but the long term success rate is much higher and I don't need to always keep them collared OR keep my spray bottle at hand.
Best of all, my dogs do not think of me as the mean bully who either shocks them or sprays them all the time. They think of me as the one who acknowledges something needing announcing and praises them for that acknowledgement.

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I agree with everyone else. There are wonderful training techniques that are much more effective than bark collars. Boxers and pits don't tend to be yappy, so I'm just guessing it's a group thing. One or two bark and the others naturally join in.
Call a good trainer or research techniques you can use with the group...they'll probably see it as a fun learning game. A plus for you is those are also breeds that are super people pleasing...praise praise praise
Good Luck!

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