Olde English Bulldog pregnant since August is it time????

My dog has been pregnant forever it seems. I have notice clear snotty stuff twice in the last week coming out of her private while she pees. And if she's just lying on the floor when she gets up there's a wet spot. She doesn't do this all the time but when she does it's an all day thing. She doesn't have milk but her teats have dropped. Day before yesterday I felt a puppy kicking, it felt like a pointy object kicking for the longest time. Then today she's lying on the kitchen floor and I just happen to look over and see what looks like a tidle wave of puppies moving. It was a crazy, exciting thing to see!!!! I can' t believe how good I could see them I mean it look like they were having a freakin party! Can anyone tell if she has days or weeks to go? Also what are some signs I can look for so I know not to go to sleep and that I should stay up with her. I really want to be with her when the puppies are being born so she doesn't smoosh any of them. I don't have a thermometer.

Asked by Member 747761 on Oct 9th 2008 Tagged pregnancy in The Dogster Website
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Sounds like it won't be long. Dogs are pregnant for about 9 weeks.
This is an extremely helpful article:

You should probably let her give birth at the vet's office though. Bulldogs almost always need a C-section because of their small behinds. I read somewhere that out of 100 Bulldogs, only 3 whelped normally.

It concerns me that you bred your dog before doing even enough research though. All the research should be done before the dog is ever bred. Good breeders spend about 2 years worth of learning about dog breeding and dogs in general and the breed that they wish to breed. They also find a good, experience, reputable mentor to gain experience.
Most people don't realize what breeding dogs is really all about. Responsible breeding is all about keeping the dog breeds healthy. This means doing all kinds of health tests on the dog before breeding them, in addition to a vet-check-up. The most important health tests are OFA and CERF.
The subject of dog breeding is an active interest for me, because I'm a breeder "in training". Since I want to help spread my knowledge, I made a website about dog breeding, mostly about the ethics involved:

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Dogs are pregnant for approx. 63 days....I hope you have an appointment for a c-section as Bulldogs rarely can whelp naturally.
& please read this:

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♥ Vayla ♥

As indicated previously, she may require a C-section - the pups' heads are too big for natural birth. You should take your precious pup to the vet IMMEDIATELY.

I'm hoping for the best.

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hate to sound mean, even though the above type like they know what they are talking about they don't. Oldes whelp naturally! FYI!

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Obviously no one listens. This is not a regular English Bulldog. This is an Olde English Bulldogge. Olde English Bullies can get pregnant without medical intervention and they are free-whelpers, unlike regular Englilsh Bullies.

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