Occasionally on walks our our dog suddenly refuses to come and runs away from everybody

We have a 1.5 year old lab who we have taken to obedience school and is fairly well trained. However every so often she goes into a mood and becomes terrified of us and refuses to come. Until today she hadn't done this for several months. Then on a walk in the park today she found a big bone. She then refused to come back, ran out the park, and nearly got hit by a car. It took nearly three hours to get her back. The more naughty she was the more she was afraid of coming back. We never raised our voices or acted aggressively. Is there any reason for this behaviour, and how can we stop it happening in the future? How do we get back back when she does get into this mood? Treats don't seem to help.

Asked by Member 1141060 on Nov 17th 2012 Tagged walks, come, scared in Behavior & Training
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