New beagle puppy don't get along with my older jack russel.

I have a jack russel male 5 -6 months old, since I got him I was always planning to get a beagle as a companion for him. Finally I got one (male ,beagle 6 weeks old). I was nervous thy might not like each other . First night he got home my jack russel has been growling at the new baby beagle everytime he comes near him. They were playing I think when they first met , but suddenly my Jack just follows my beagle around and annoys him and hops on him . My beagle gets angry and growls back . So then jack just growls and nips at him and they growl with their teeth out which scares me . Please help how do I fix this . It's only been 2 days but I want them to be friends !

Asked by Member 1166939 on Apr 24th 2013 Tagged beagle, jackrussel, aggressive, train, new, puppy in Socialization
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When they start to "fight" say "Uh Uh!" loud and in a deep tone. They will become friends soon enough.

Caspian answered on 5/14/13. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer