Need help on potty training a toy fox terrier

I have a 10 month old toy fox terrier and we are struggling in the potty training department. We have a very spacious backyard and three other dogs and the others use the backyard for their business so naturally i let him (toy fox terrier) do the same. He still goes in the house often. He poops and pees on couches, i don't know what to do! We even leave wee wee pads on the floors for just emergencies. We've tried crate training, nothing is working. I'm up for any suggestions. Thank you!

Asked by Member 1153519 on Feb 4th 2013 Tagged pottytraining, toyfoxterrier in House Soiling
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You need to start over from the beginning. Use a black light and enzymatic cleaner like nature's miracle to really clean up the messes. Take him out ON A LEASH to potty so you KNOW he did it and reward him with treats and excited praise right then for going outside. Keep him in an area that is easily cleaned like the kitchen. Every hour take him back outside on the leash and repeat. It is very important to be patient and consistent! Pick up the potty pads, it will only confuse him.

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