mydogcame in2contact with3males all@once,at the end ofher 3rdwkinheat.mounted4 2secsonce,1mth onshessaggyn noteatin

hi this is my first bitch dog,she came into contact with 3 males all at once on a walk(it was 5.30am wasnt expecting any dogs inthe park),at the end ofher 3rdwk in heat, she was mounted for 2 secs once no locking no "humping".But 3 males where all having a go, (my dog was quicker than them all and was giving them the run round).1 month on she now has noticable sagging back nipples and not eating properly. I dont want her to be pregnant because its her first season she is now 11 months olds and i want whats best for her health.but not sure if im worring for nothing i keep hearing phantom or false pregnacy HELP PLEASE

Asked by Member 1081763 on Jan 3rd 2012 in Pregnancy
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Bruno CGC

You can't really know if she's actually pregnant and not experiencing a false pregnancy until the due date. Here is a nifty tool to calculate the due date and other pregnancy milestones:

It seems unlikely she would be pregnant from two seconds of contact with the male and no penetration, but stranger things have happened.

I recommend spaying her now if you don't want puppies.

Bruno CGC answered on 1/3/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


You CAN get an ultrasound anytime after four weeks from the breeding. This will definitely show if your dog is pregnant or not.
Most all vets will do ultrasounds and they are not terribly expensive.
However, a male does not need to penetrate or tie in order to impregnate her. All it takes is for sperm to be deposited near her vulva...they will swim to the eggs and are surprisingly strong swimmers!!!
And, yes, false pregnancy is a possiblity...I would definitely go for the ultrasound ASAP.

Member 641257 answered on 1/3/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer