My White German Shephard is rather skidish of others. Why? Loves kids and will not go outide to play on his own. Why?

He is a very good dog. Listens well. Affectionate! He constantly wants to be my my side always. When I let him outside he will do his thing and then stand by the door to come back in. Why doesn't he want to be outside on his own? I am home during the day, do you think another pet would be the answer although I would rather not do that.

Asked by Member 592328 on Feb 22nd 2008 in Behavior & Training
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Well, how old is your German Shepherd? My Tiffy was the exact same way, skiddish of everything from a laundry basket to a trash bag and people she didn't know. Now that she is much older (almost 2) she has calmed down alot. try getting on her/his level and introducing the thing or person to him. He has to lesrn to trust you and to know that you will not let anyone or thing hurt him. Once he trusts you, he will be fine.

♥Tiffy♥ answered on 2/22/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


Your dog probably doesn't want to be outside alone because... well, doesn't that sound kind of boring to you? Just in the yard with no one around? Dogs are social animals and need to be near people. Another dog might give him a playmate but will probably not lessen his desire to be with you. Dogs left unattended in yards with the expectation that they will entertain themselves will begin to do just that - but in ways you don't want, like figuring out how to scale a fence, or digging holes all over the place. Your dog needs physical and mental stimulation when in the yard. Throw a ball or Frisbee around for him, teach him some tricks, etc. :)

As for being skittish, it sounds like he needs to be more socialized. Take him on walks where there are people and dogs around. Take him to pet stores that allow dogs, etc. Obedience classes are also great. Have people at these places give him treats. He needs to know that people are not scary! Good luck.

Kolbe answered on 2/22/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer

Gray Dawn Treader

What Kolbe said and some dogs just love being outside and some don't. My dog Cookie only likes being outside without me long enough to do her business and maybe check to make sure everything is normal or play chase with my Sheltie mix. My Sheltie mix, Gray Dawntreader, loves being outside, even without me. He won't stay out for that long, but he likes to "explore".

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My Athena is like this too. How long they can last in the yard depends on age really. To a pup 30 mins is a long time. An adult dog could stay out there all day. He sounds like he craves your attention. If he's a pup this would make sense too. If you're too busy to spend more time with him another dog may not be the answer, we got two at once...and we still have to spend a lot of time to keep up with them. But he may just be lonely if there's no time for enough attention, so another dog may be the answer. Try taking him to the park once or twice a week, spend at least an hour out of the day playing and training; he may need more exercise also but doesn't know how on his own in the yard. For the rest of the time, make sure he has toys in the yard. I read one answer before that suggested putting a kid pool in the yard with sand and burry toys in it. Find things that will keep him busy out there. I get Athena good and tired then when she's napping I do what I have to get done. Good luck.

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He's a reserved dog; he doesn't make friends immediately, but once he does, he's extremely loyal.
This highly intelligent and trainable breed thrives on having a job to do--any job. The German Shepherd can be trained to do almost anything, from alerting a deaf person to a doorbell ring to sniffing out an avalanche victim. One thing he's not good at is being alone for long periods of time.
This page has many topics that cover German Sheperds

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There are two separate issues in your thread - your dog being skittish and your dog being clingy.

The clingy behavior is very much a German Shepherd trait. Shepherds are very people oriented and very pack driven. They love being around their people and having a job to do, and they don't do well being left out in the yard on their own or kenneled.

Why does your dog have to be outside on his own? Are you sending him outside to exercise? Most dogs will not exercise on their own, but will get into problem behaviors such as digging and nuisance barking out of boredom.

You need to go out and exercise with your dog. A fast game of catching balls or frisbees is a great way to exercise. Leashed walks, at least twice a day, are a must with a large breed like a German Shepherd. They'll never just "tire themselves out" being put outside into the yard.

The skittishness is a separate issue, and if you could post about that with more detail in a separate question, that would get you better help.

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both of those problems i see alot in german shepards.. their very family oriented dogs.. they love to be under foot at all times.. that would be the reason he doesn't want to go out and play on his own.. as for the skiddish part.. they have to be constantly exposed to as many experience as possible from puppy hood on up to help keep them from being like that.. and if ur shepard is a rescue it makes it twice as hard cuz u have to build that trust..

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