My vet scheduled my puppys 2nd round of shots a week or two late. Now they want to start all over? Is that safe?

My GSD puppy got his first round of vaccines at 6 weeks. My new vet scheduled him for his second round 2 days short of a full 5 weeks later. Then upon arrival to the appointment, they said the first one had worn off and we'd need to start over. Is it safe for him to get that many vaccines? and then to wait that long to socialize him as a consequence? Is the right thing to do is just call the most recent one today his second round, and then schedule his 3rd round 3-4 weeks from now. My trainer told me his mothers antibodies are no longer effective after 12 weeks and we should schedule his last round AT 12 weeks(that would mean a little over a week from his second shots). So that would mean for two weeks he'd be on his own immune system without having all his shots(if we did it my way). I still think Ive got the right answer, but Im no vet, and just want to do the right thing for my dog, even though my vet obviously wants money, and my trainer is on the opposite end of the spectrum

Asked by Member 1141930 on Nov 23rd 2012 Tagged shots, startover, money, weeks, weeks, mothers, antibodies in Vaccinations
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You shouldn't have to start all over, that would over vaccinate your puppy. Try and spread out the vaccinations the best you can so you can monitor any reactions he might have. You MUST socialize your dog, the sooner the better! He is a little sponge right now and it will help him better in life. You can always have people over to help socialize your pup. You just don't want to have your pup in places where lots of dogs have been. Example: Sit with some friends and your pup with some treats at Starbucks.

Obi answered on 11/24/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer


The vet that vaccinated your puppy is criminally incompetent or a conman and you need to stop using him/her IMMEDIATELY.

A 6 week old puppy still has the antibodies from its mothers milk in its system, which attack the vaccines and render them useless. the vaccines therefore will not provide the dog with any immunity whatsoever for any time period. A puppy should not receive its 1st vaccinations until it's at least 3 months old. This is standard practice.

Your vet is correct that the vaccine has "worn off", but not because you waited too long for boosters but because your vet gave the puppy vaccinations when they couldn't possibly immunize the puppy. A day or 2 either way for boosters doesn't matter one bit.

So yes, you need to start over for your puppy to be fully immunized... but with a more competent vet. You should do some research and demand your money back from the first vet... basically, they ripped you off. You should never let them advise you or touch your puppy again.

Leo answered on 11/24/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer