My Shar-Pei is afraid to go outside!!!!

My ten month old non-neutered Shar-Pei is extremely afraid to be outside. He is always on a leash with me. I live in a condo complex. After he does his business, he pulls and pulls to go back inside the house. He is afraid of all outside sights and noises. The sight or sound of a moving car, children,and adults really upsets him. He will pull to the point of chokeing himself in order to retreat to the safety of his home. I have tried a gentle cloth leash, and a prong collar, all to no avail. Attempting to walk him has not resulted in any changes. I use a short lead to keep him by my side, yet even with a prong he will pull and pull, to the point of chokeing. At this point, not wanting him to be in pain, i bring him inside. Any helpfull tips would be greatly appreciated.

Asked by Member 620161 on Apr 22nd 2008 Tagged shy, pulls in Chinese Shar-Pei
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My mom uses a Halti head halter instead of the choke or prong style collars. Collars that work on the discomfort theory (like the prong collar) will reinforce your pup's idea that outdoors is BAD NEWS, and will actually make your problem worse! After he gets used to wearing a head halter periodically indoors, take him for short walks with it (maybe just once around the house first). Walk confidently and ignore his behavior entirely. When he eventually relaxes, praise him so that he knows what behavior you expect of him.

Schatzie answered on 4/24/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer

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