My shar pei always puts his butt towards me instead of his face when he wants me to pet him. What does this mean?

He will greet me at the door tail wagging and still put his butt towards me and turn his head to face me. Is this protective-ness or is he saying "kiss my wrinkly butt"?

Asked by Bruno on Nov 13th 2007 in Other Behavior & Training
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Bruno is being both polite as well as submissive when he greets you this way.

He first meets you at the door to check you out and welcome you home, and then he presents himself in a non-threatening and submissive posture by presenting his side and back for you to pet. He doesn't jump on you, knock you down, scratch you, or hassle you for attention. Instead, he's using a very nice way of interacting and asking for petting from his leader.

My German Shepherd is a therapy dog and when we visit people, she will present her side or back to be petted.

Many people make the mistake of reaching down over a dog, and patting them on the head. With your own dog, that is fine if your dog doesn't mind this type of interaction, but you should never do this with a dog you don't know. Leaning over the top of them or patting their heads can be taken as an aggressive, dominant position.

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Abby answered on Nov 13th.

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Maybe he just really loves butt rubs :o)

I have noticed that when one of my dogs is trying to get the others to play, he will go around and give his butt to them. It gets them very playful. My Chihuahua will walk right in front of my Eskie, go just past him and then back his butt up. Once he does that, then it is chase from there. Caine my Shar Pei mix will do this to the other dogs as well. With his head turned back looking at them he backs right up to them, butt in face and then bolts. However, they do not do this to us.

Sign of playfulness or needs a good butt rub?

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Vance CGC

He probably wants his back rubbed.

To get even more detailed, he may also dislike being touched on the head - Most dogs don't care for it, but some REALLY hate it. He may have learned that if he offers his back end he can avoid head pats better.

Assuming he has no history of biting, try to pat him on the head and pay close attention to how he reacts. My guess is he'll cringe slightly or move away, and offer some sort of "I'm stressed" signal like lip licking or a yawn.

Vance CGC answered on 11/13/07. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer