My rescue dog thinks he is suppose to go with me everytime I leave. How do I correct this behavior?

Asked by Member 1155256 on Feb 14th 2013 Tagged germanshephard, separation, anxiety, rescuedog in Separation Anxiety
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you are all he's got since being abandoned from previoius owner. you got to take baby steps to let him know you aren't abandoning him by coming back often when you leave meaning first leave your place with the normal sounds of picking up keys and leaving him a toy with your scent and closing the door and come back in 5 minutes, and then when he's ok with meaning he is more calm when you exit then 10 minutes and then 20 min, 40, 80 and 2 hours, 4 hours, 8 hours.... baby steps to ensure you will come back and not dumping him all alone, leave him with some safe interactive toys and hide treats under his bed, something for him to do while you gone and stop thinking about omg my only trusted friend is abandoning me, instead he things ok I look forward you leaving coz I know there must be treats hidden somewhere and toys are waiting for me to play with while my trust friend (you) are gone, takes time like humans take time to be trained at a new job.

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