My rat terrier sheds like crazy! What can I do?

Buddy sheds all the time!! It is never ending! I have to constantly vacuum and use the lint roller to get rid of his tiny white hairs on everything! Can anyone suggest anything I can give him to reduce the shedding? Even brushing him really doesn't help any. I need help!

Asked by Reggie on Apr 17th 2008 Tagged shedding, hair in Grooming
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The very best thing to eliminate shedding hair is a tool called the Furminator. It rids the coat of hair better than any brush or any other shedding tool.

There is a conditioning solution that goes with that you can apply during the bath that will start the process even before using the tool.

It is a little pricy but worth the extra money. YOu can get one at a pet supply store. Don't bother with the ones you see in the other retail stores. They are cheaper but don't work.

Groomers have been using this tool for years and wouldn't be with out it. This is not a commercial for Furminator, I am a groomer.

answered on Apr 17th.

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Well, it is the springtime, so shedding is to be expected. If you think it's excessive on the verge of unhealthy, you might want to check with his vet.

Hair loss could be the result of an allergy. You might want to try changing his food, especially if he also scratches a lot, develops hot spots, or poops a lot. For example, my dog scratches and loses tons of fur when there's too much chicken in her diet. Do some research; food allergies might be something to consider.

I wish you luck.

Juno answered on 4/17/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


im telling u cant stop a dog from shedding a grooming rake and stuff can only cut down on it

Member 601834 answered on 6/22/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer