My puppy is a labradoodle & chow chow mix and is now 8 weeks old. He bites me really hard.How do I Make him stop.

Asked by Member 1128010 on Aug 28th 2012 Tagged biting in Socialization
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This is how he shows his love! He bites because he is teething and growing, and he bites you as a way of saying you are family. Give him other things like socks with socks inside of them; bones that are clean; and other chew toys as an alternative.

When he bites you can say "no biting" and it's hard to say with words, but take your other hand and hold his mouth so you actually stop the biting. Then give him something to bite, and when he does, give him lots of praise! Good biting! Let him know you want him to teethe and you get that he needs to do this, and just not on you. Good luck!


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Ah, one of the many joys of puppy ownership :). Our Odin is 9 weeks, and he is also learning bite inhibition. Here is what is working for us. When your puppy bites you, say "ouch" or "no", then stuff an approved toy in his mouth and praise him when he chews on the toy. It will take some time, but be consistent and firm. Never hit him for biting, he is just a baby and doing what comes naturally to him. Puppies learn allot of bite inhibition from their litter mates, but they still like to explore the world with their mouths :). Good luck.

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You can try making a yelping sound to immitate what another puppy would do if he bit too hard and then turn your back to him for a few seconds teaching him that if he bites you too hard play time is over and he gets no attention for a bit

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Beauty and Nala

Great answers!! All i can add is i have an 8 week old pirhanna, oops i mean pittbull pup lol. When she bites me to hard if the "ouch" or "no bite" does not work i shake a can of pennies to get her attention and when she looks at me i say no bite again and hand her a toy.i also give her ice cubes and freeze a couple of her kong toys. The cold helps them and its to funny to watch! Aww puppies are good times!

Beauty and Nala answered on 10/31/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer