My puppy have most probably Flatulence.

My puppy is loosing weight. He is a 50 days GSD puppy . Weight is 4 Kg (8 Lbs). So, the problem is he has liquide poop with mucus and abdoman is lookig that filled with gas. no vomiting occured. please advice me what should I do ? can I give him Himalayas digitone ?

Asked by Member 1079055 on Dec 25th 2011 Tagged flatulence, gsd, health in Illness & Disease
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Has he been wormed for puppy roundworms??? That is perhaps the most common cause of digestive problems in young puppies.
Generally ALL puppies have roundworms and, unless properly dewormed, those worms completely fill his stomach and don't allow food to be properly digested.
Second most common problem is feeding too much and improper food. He needs a good quality puppy kibble made for large breed puppies. At six/eight pounds he needs about 3/4 cup four times a day.
The amount he gets in each meal should be consumed within 10 - 15 minutes...any left should be picked up until the next mealtime.
I would strongly suggest getting a stool exam checked immediately for worms or other parasites. Meanwhile, rest his gut by not feeding him the rest of today, then start out with a TINY amount four or five times tomorrow until his digestion is stabilized.
DO NOT give him any human medicines, he is a dog, not a human!!!!

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