My puppy doesn't want to eat. What should I do???

Nacho is 12 weeks old and has been living with us for the past ten days. We are feeding him Purina puppy Chow and he ate it just fine at first but in the past couple of days he doesn't wanna eat it anymore. My husband says that when he's by himself with Nacho he eats normally but when I'm with him, if I just put the food on the bowl he won't eat it. I need to feed him piece by piece or he won't touch it.

I know we are not supposed to feed them milk, but last night after not eating all day long he saw me eating some cereal with milk and he was freaking out for some food, so I mixed one tablespoon of milk with his kibble and he ate the whole thing. I don't want to get him addicted to milk so this morning I mixed kibble with warm water but he didnt eat it at all. Then I tried to mixed it with milk and he didn't eat it either.

Do you guys have any advice? I just read some reviews and found out that Purina puppy chow isn't that good. Do you recommend any other brand?

Asked by Nacho on Oct 6th 2008 in Food & Nutrition
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OMD i thot i was the only one that handfed kibble to my dog! good to hear i'm not. =)

i heard that giving them milk isn't good for them. teddy had some milk the other day from my cereal and he threw up.

anyways, i'd try a different kinda food. i had the same problem with teddy when i first got him. our pet trainer recommended nutro natural choice. they have small bites version and i noticed that teddy likes that verses the big size kibble. i recently got iams premium protection and he doesn't seem to like it all that much. the kibble is bigger and it doesn't seem like it's very flavorful. the package doesn't even say what flavor it is.

go with a dif kibble and try nutro. a petco employee told me that u can buy it to try and hang on to ur receipt. if he doesn't like it, u can return or exchange it for something different. that made me feel better cuz i didn't wanna waste money buying different brands to try.

Teddy answered on Oct 6th.

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try some of that dog gravy that you poor over there food, like Iams savory suace. My dogs love it! :)

Peaches answered on 10/6/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer


Other than not eating, do he seem to be feeling ok?

If he seems ok otherwise, maybe he just doesn't like puppy chow. I fed my pup puppy chow when I fisrt got her...she ate it for about a month then decided she didn't like it anymore. I switched to Pro Plan, and she eats fine.

But becareful not to switch brands of food too frequently. Changing flavors is ok, but changing brands all the time can cause digestive problems (or so I've heard anyway)

I'd say give your vet a call, and ask for any suggestions. This advice is from my vet:
There are 3 kinds of dog food. Dog food, Approved dog food, and Tested dog food. Someplace on the package it wil say "tested" or "approved" by the AAFCO. If it doesn't at least say this don't get the food. The vet also said she prefers tested over approved, but as long as the dog is eating it, you should be ok.

So I guess you could be in for a little trial and error peroid to find out what food Nacho will eat.

Good luck

Member 747465 answered on 10/6/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 2 Report this answer