My potty trained puppy pees in his brothers bed!

Nike is 5 months old and potty trained. He is very smart and picks up on things quickly. He always goes on peepad (or grass if we are outside for a walk). He is such a good boy usually. The strangest thing now is that when we visit my parents house where his brother Gucci lives, Nike lifts his leg and pees right on Gucci's bed!!! They play and puppy fight all the time so I thought Nike loved him. Is he trying to be hateful?! He normally doesn't even lift his leg!
PS - they are morkie (Maltese/yorkie) boys

Asked by Nike on Apr 14th 2012 Tagged peeonbed in Puppies
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sounds like your Nike is trying to take over Gucci's territory. He is leaving his scent. I think puppies do that as well. But i might be mistaken.

Carter answered on Apr 14th.

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