My Pitbull Keeps on peeing and pooping in the house,weve had her 3 months and have tried everything.I let her out to pee and poop and she comes back in and does it then. I have told her no pee pee and taken her outside, and have cleaned it very well.She is a rescue dog and is use to the outside, Weve tried to crate train her and shes tore up the whole crate, even chewed through a kennel.and She also peeps and poops in her kennel. Im out of luck on her,any suggestions!

Asked by Member 724676 on Sep 3rd 2008 in House Soiling
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Hmm. . . first of all, I applaud your efforts to rescue a doggy in need. However, I'm wondering what kind of rescue you got her from? Was it a local pound that let you take her home same day? Or a reputable rescue that temperament tested your dog, and placed her with you after careful consideration of her disposition and your experience? If it was a reputable rescue organization, they may be able to help you with the potty and destructiveness issues. Although I would still highly recommend seeking out a professional behaviorist in regards to your other posted question.

Member 658834 answered on 9/3/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer

Gray Dawn Treader

When the dog goes potty where it's not supposed to, instead of punishing it, just clean the mess up. Only if you catch the dog in the act will correcting the dog work. If you catch her pottying where she's not supposed to, say something like "ah!" or "no!" to startle it, then picky the puppy up take it where it's supposed to go potty. Praise and reward wildly for going in the right spot.
Also, take her where's she's supposed to go after naps, eating, and when you see her circling, sniffing, and/or crouching (which are signs that she has to go).

Gray Dawn Treader answered on 9/3/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


Make sure you are using a cleaner with enzymes, like Nature's Miracle. Cleaning with most regular products will just cover the smell for you but the dogs will know it's still there and continue to potty there.

Keep your dog with you at all times or barricade most of the house off to her until she gets it. Go outside every hour for at least 10 minutes, on leash. When she goes to the bathroom, get really upbeat and say "good pottie!" and give very high value treats. If you catch her pottying in the house (ONLY if you catch her), get her attention and say "outside" then leash her up and have her finish her business out there.

The crate will not work unless the dog is properly crate trained. Start by tossing high value treats in there and praise when she goes in on her own. Then start closing the door for short periods. Slowly build up the time she is in there and give lots of positive association. Feed meals in there. Look up more sturdy crates if she is chewing through them.

TK, CGC answered on 9/3/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer


Most dogs that tear up their crates are very likely to have separation anxiety, maybe you should ask your vet or a vet with animal behavior experience what they think. The previous answer with some crate training tips is a great one! One thing you should keep in mind, too; never punish her or tell her correcting words for going potty in front of you or in the house. All you are doing then is punishing her for going potty, period. She doesn't know you are punishing her for going in the house. Cue her to potty when she does go potty outside. When she is going inside simply startle her with a bike horn or a little airhorn and quickly take her out to finish. Take her to the same area everytimeand when she goes, tell her 'potty....potty' so she learns a cue word for the action. You should be keeping a better eye on her so that you can watch for the signs; pacing fast, sniffing diligently and finally squatting; but by squatting your too late.Message me if you have any further Q's. :)

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