My PITBULL is dying??? Need answers. Lethargic, sleeps constantly, eats very little. Drinks even less. Spasms etc....

Approx. 5 yrs old. When we rescued him 2 1/2 yrs ago he weighed 109lbs, now 62 lbs. Have had him to the vet every other week for a year. Out of money. Vet calls him an enigma. Has no answers and has tested for just about everything related to symptoms. Can anyone give an educated answer from experience? Symptoms include: Lethargic, sleeps constantly, eats barely anything, drinks even less. Runny diarrihea. Wont even eat treats. Used to eat everything and anything ( apples, oranges, carrots etc.) Have spent so much money on the top quality brands of food and then even tried general brands like purina.. nothing works. Even homemade food from my own kitchen. No improvement. DESPERATE for help. Gone broke from this for him!

Asked by Member 1130457 on Sep 12th 2012 Tagged spasms, lossofappetite, sleep, runnystool in Other Health & Wellness
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Is it possible he has a partial bowel obstruction? A partial obstruction would still allow him to defecate but is uncomfortable and would probably affect appetite etc. Has he had an Xray?

Kolbe answered on 9/12/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer

Kali earned her wings 10/21/14

Ask this question on the health forum on this site. We can answer back and forth there, which we can't do here. Please list what the vets have checked for. EPI? Worms? IBS? Cancer? Ect...........Try to be as specific as possible. The more information you give, the better. Hope he feels better soon. :)

Kali earned her wings 10/21/14 answered on 9/12/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


If you havent tried a grain free food, try it. Try giving him food with different ingredients then he normally eats. When my pit was sick at 9 weeks old he slept constantly, neve wanted to play, constantly had a fever, threw up alot, trips to the ver and hospital & tons of tests, no one could figure it out & it was as simple as changing his food because he had developed such a horrible food allergy.. He was on brown rice/lamb food & is now on grain free roasted venison & bison food. Im sure youve tried everything but hopefully its nothing too bad, good luck!

Tyson answered on 9/13/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer