My Oreo was at the dog park the other day with Ralfie, my little boy, and a dog he has known for 3 years, male husky,

My dog a 50 lb springer spaniel got into it with an 84 lb. husky. These 2 dogs have known each other for 3 years why would they all of a sudden fight?

Asked by Oreo on Oct 6th 2012 in Aggression
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Honestly? Who knows? Dogs have various temperaments and just like humans, feel stress and anxiety that can build up. Sometimes the smallest thing can set a dog off, simply because it was the straw that broke the dog's back from a series of stresses the dog could have been feeling for days, maybe weeks prior to the incident. Also, at two to three years dogs begin to mature which can cause a shift in temperament as well. It isn't uncommon for dogs who were fine before suddenly not feeling too hot on each other one day. My advice to you is to start to learn dog body language. While our dogs cannot communicate with us in our language, their body language lets us know how they're feeling presently so you can go in and give your dog space if they are too stressed. Dr. Sophia Yin has free visual aids on body language!

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