My neighbor said they would love to shoot my dog because he barks to much? Tonight someone shot him with a pellet gun!!!

Dog is a 8 month old Walker Hound, I have a 6" fence around two city lots in my back yard where the dogs go out for a few hours at a time when nobody is home. The pup does bark but I try to keep him inside when it gets late or if he wont stop barking. He is a inside dog and sleeps with my six year old.
I have one neighbor behind me that has complained about the dog since I got him home. He says his brother got separated because he was to stupid to get rid of his hounds. A couple months ago I was walking past there house with my kids and they started a conversation about my noisy dog. The wife said that she told my Aunt she would love to shoot my dog.
The dog is only out about 3-5 hours a day and the pup comes in when I get home from work at 4:00. We went to town for a few hours tonight and when I got home the pup was lying out back and not himself. I found a small hole in his flank and took him to the vet.
He was shot with a pellet gun $300 later!!
What do I do now? Police?????

Asked by Member 1153005 on Feb 1st 2013 Tagged hound, shot, neighbor, bark, pellet, gun, police in Laws & Legislation
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I would keep the dog indoors when he is not being supervised. The next time he could get a pellet in the eye.
If you are worried he will get into things if left inside then crate train him and leave him home with something to occupy him (like a toy or bone) so he wont bark incessantly while you are away.
If he barks a lot it's usually an indication he's bored. Try taking him for longer walks (with obedience commands at every corner to keep his mind busy) and/or some sort of scent trails. A Walker Hound is bred to scent out game so try and find activities that fulfill his needs in that respect.
More exercise, things to occupy him while you're gone, and crate him inside while you're gone. That is the best advice I can give :D

As for the current shooting there isn't much you can do. You can file a complaint but unless you or someone else actually saw who shot him there isn't much the police can do.

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I would also call the police and report it.

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Ok call the police.
But can I ask why you have a Walker in the city?
Is he getting enough exercise? Do you hunt with him? Has he had any training?
I fostered a Bluetick years ago and it didn't take long to figure out that the neighbors were not appreciative of his 'singing'.
If you are planning on keeping this dog in this area, I would be careful about him being out unattended. Please remember that these dogs have voices that are designed to be heard for miles.

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I wouldn't consider where I live a city. There are about 500 people in town. I have 3 city lots with the back two being fenced with a 6" cedar fence.
I do not hunt with the dog. He is mostly inside with my kids. He is trained some and mostly barks at people moving around outside of the fence or cats, squirls and stuff. No one has ever came over and complained or called the cops on me for him barking. The one neighbor which isn't my closest neighbor has complained a few times when I am walking by the house. They didn't seem angry when they talked about it only suggested I should get some devices to make the dog quit barking. His wife said that she told my aunt she would like to shoot him.
I try to be a good neighbor and don't put the dogs out early or leave them out late at night.
I am planning on moving out of town in the spring and selling the house. I just can't believe that someone would shot my dog in my yard. I have lived here for 7yrs and have always had dogs.

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Your dog is only doing what comes natural. Walker cur has what we call a "bay" bark which is very loud and distinctive. We use them when hunting cause they can sniff out a prey and bay bark loudly so we can find them deep in the woods.

Your dog is baying (barking) only trying to get ur attention basically saying "Daddy! Daddy!" I found u something. You need to take time and show him when is the right and wrong time to bark because he only wants to please u. Be consistent. If u don't want a squirrel and he barks yell LEAVE IT!! And get his attention stop him. Then once he's quite give him love and attention. If u don't want someone close to ur fence enlist a stranger and while u are in ur yard with ur dog leashed have the stranger walk up to the fence when he barks praise him give love. Then have the stranger start walking away once he's off ur property line and the dog is still barking yank on the chain and make him stop. He will eventually figure out what his daddy wants.

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what most likely will happen, both of you will get charged because

A. you were responsible to keep the dog safe and you had 2 choices outside or inside and You made the choice to leave him outside so basically it was foreseen that its possible dangerous outside without your control but then you have the control to prevent this possible danger if you choose to leave your dog inside especially their were complaints about your dog, you may be charged to never be able own a dog due to lack of care and one of the causes that led to the death of the dog

2. depending on the state laws on animal abuse, killing a dog obviously is abuse, he may be charged with whatever laws at the state you are in regards to animal abuse and also ordered to not own a dog for rest of his life

ironically, both of you MAY end up being charged with animal abuse.

This may be different if you really go to court, but generally this is logical both causing the death of the dog is animal abuse

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