My Min Pin does not seem to respond to his name, but knows the word for Treat, out, potty, i have the wrong nam

learning name

Asked by Member 1151875 on Jan 25th 2013 in Other Behavior & Training
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A clicker is a great way to teach name recognition. Charge the clicker: click & immediately words. He should soon be looking at you when you click. Now add his name "leonard", he looks, click treat. Now fade the treats. Instead of everytime a treat..he needs to look at you two or three times before you click/treat.
His name should become a cue to look at you to see what you want. "Leonard! Sit!" etc
Once he's got it...make a game. Hide, then cal his name..treat when he finds you. Get friends or family to make a big circle..take turns calling him & treating.

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