My male dog pees on other dogs. Normally dogs that are smaller than him because he can't reach the bigger dogs. Help?

Asked by Oso on Nov 24th 2008 in Behavior & Training
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What do you do when he does this? Where are you and your dog when he is able to do this? If this is at a dog park, or some place where he can roam free, stop letting him off of his leash. I am assuming that he is lifting his leg? Although I have had a dog accidentally squat over one of my Chi's before, but what it sounds like is that your dog is trying to mark, and he feels that he is able to do this to smaller dogs because he physically can. If you aren't disciplining him for it, he is going to continue to do it. Keep him leashed. From what I gather, he is social? Let him have the opportunity to get near smaller dogs, or vice versa, and if he goes to lift his leg, pull on the leash and tell him 'no'. Since he is usually off leash when he does this, you aren't getting the opportunity to correct the behavior. Be consistent with him until he begins to stop the behavior and respect what you are saying. I hope this information helps - there wasn't too much information on your situation. Please message me if you have more questions.

Sergeant answered on 11/25/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer