My lab husky is extremely aggressive towards my Italian Greyhound! HELP!

First off, I have 4 dogs. Two lab husky sisters, a boxer, and and Italian greyhound. One of the lab huskies is very aggressive and will just attack him over the littlest things, such as walking past her. We don't know what to do with her. She has never had a problem with humans. She is aggressive towards the other dogs too, but she won't just go right after them like she does with the Italian Greyhound. We are terrified she is going to kill the Italian Greyhound. He is just too little to defend himself if we aren't around. Any ideas to help her aggression? PLEASE HELP!

Asked by Member 1147436 on Dec 30th 2012 Tagged behavior, aggression, attacking in Behavior & Training
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This post was writen a while ago, not sure if you have since found a solution.

I recently wrote an article about this - check out best It includes reasons why family dogs can be aggressive towards each other, tips on redirecting their behavior and videos on dog intelligence.

Good luck, girl dogs can be the most aggressive. Hope my article can give you some insite.

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