my Jack Russel barks a lot and it gets annoying help?

I don't want to use those scent collars, he just barks at everything, even the neighbors across the street!
help please!

Asked by Blossom on Apr 18th 2012 Tagged barking, bark, jack, russel, terrier, annoying in Barking
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i do not have an answer but im looking for one for this same question my dog does not stop the entire time he is outside weather there is anything out there or not! he's not so bad inside but i feel so bad for my neighbors and i am also against the shock collars. someone please help!

Ace answered on 4/18/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


Constant barkers are a problem and you may need outside help. There is a product called "Bark off", it is an electronic sound emitter that only dogs can hear the sound it makes, it grabs their attention. You may have seen it on TV. The cost is about $20 and can be found wherever TV ad items can be found. It may not work for every dog, it didn't for my Pit mix, but it has good reviews from others. There is a collar that doesn't shock, but buzzes. Also a TV item. The "Bark off" item is a hand held device you push the button. Just a couple of ideas. You also might consider a professional trainer.

Rudy answered on 4/18/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer

Pepper, SD, CGC

First you need to figure out why he is barking. Some dogs bark when bored. How much exercise is he getting? Jack Russels are hyper dogs that need LOTS of activity. Agility or some tricks may help. Also, the puzzles by Nina Ottosson are great for helping relieve boredom.
Some dogs bark to alert you to things they think you need to know, & yes a squirrel in the yard is of vital importance to them. Go look at what they are telling you, say "I see it, thank you, enough" and walk away, usually the dog will follow you, satisfied you are aware of what he wanted you to notice.
A good thing to teach is the speak/quiet command. I must confess, I haven't managed to teach the speak part, but my dog did learn the quiet part, which is the important part. when your dog barks, say "speak" and make a talking signal with your hand. What my dog did was stop barking and looked at me trying to figure out what command that was. when she was quiet for a few seconds I gave her a treat & said "quiet"

Pepper, SD, CGC answered on 4/18/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer