My GSD Puppy is over active and not obeys me

My 46 Days old GSD male puppy is over active. He all day just jumps and plays and bites. he is showing over active, But he don't care me. I try to teach him his name "Dob" But he don't care at all. Please give me a suggestion how to teach him name and how to stop biting ? He is new to my home.

Asked by Member 1079055 on Dec 21st 2011 Tagged gsd, biting in Commands
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Bruno CGC

Oh boy. He is just under seven weeks old, so he's VERY young. He's not overactive, he's just being a puppy! GSD in particular are very active when young, expect a lot more of this as he grows.

At that age, he is too young to expect much obedience from, but you can get started on a few things. Say his name to get his attention and then give him a treat or play a game. Say it a LOT.

For the biting, when he nips you, say OW! or YIPE! or something else sharp and high-pitched, the way another dog would yip when hurt. Then stop the game for a few seconds. Alternately, encourage him to bite on a toy instead of on you. This is the foundation for doing obedience or protection work when he grows up, you want him to LOVE biting his toy, not your hand or clothes.

Read some puppy training books too. Check your local library or Amazon for titles. Dogwise Publishing offers many good choices too.

Bruno CGC answered on 12/21/11. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 2 Report this answer


He is a baby.. & at just over 6 weeks is a bit young to have been taken from his mom & littermates. He will be like this..hyper/overactive...until he is at least 2, maybe 3 years old. I do hope you have researched this breed & all the work it takes to help him become all he can be.
Name teaching: get a handful of treats. Sit down on the floor. Say his soon as he turns his head...treat. repeat, repeat, repeat. If he is busy, or does not look..make a funny noise to get his attention.
Biting: yelp..loudly, then ignore him for 30 look, no touch. Crate him or put him in a room if he persists. Again..not for long.
Jumping: sidestep, turn your not encourage may be cute now, but when he is 90lbs & he jumps on gramma it won't be so cute.
Start working NOW on obedience..sit/stand; come/release; down/release. Do not expect a long stay if you decide to work on that.
An awesome book for beginner trainers is "Train Your Dog Like a Pro" by Donaldson.

Member 904338 answered on 12/22/11. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer