My GSD puppy have Diarrhea. What is the sign ?

My 7 Weak Old puppy have Diarrhea. Doctor suppose that it is for Parvo virus. But I don't think so, As he want to drink, eat and play. But his poop is more liquid and have a light black-dark green color and oily like. doctor says not to give him Pedigree, and only feed Cerelac (Child food, prepared and served liquid). But my GSD puppy only likes pedigree and don't want to drink Cerelac at all. He plays and drinks water. I am confuse that what diseases he had? He also suffering from cold and little cough. What should I do ?

Asked by Member 1079055 on Dec 28th 2011 Tagged health, diarrhea, gsd in Illness & Disease
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Take him to a vet. NOW!! And not the one who "thought" it was parvo & did not treat it. And not the one telling you to feed cerealac!! I do hope you have access to a decent vet. Puppies can go downhill so quickly...this really could be a life or death situation.

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Oily stool is indicative of pancreatic insufficency, a not uncommon issue with GSD's. This pup, IMO, either needs a visit to a vet who will do some testing to find out what is going on OR he needs to be returned to his breeder for a full refund.
I suspect since you got him at 6 weeks old his breeder really doesn't care, so get him to a real veterinarian who will do the proper tests to rule out Parvo, worms, giardia, cocciodis, or insufficient pancreatic enzymes, ALL of which can be treated. However, it is imperative to find out WHAT his problem is quickly so it can be treated before it is too late.
Coughing can also be a symptom of parasitic overload, especially roundworms, or can also indicate other, more serious problems.
Until he is properly diagnosed by a veterinarian he will continue to get worse and may ultimately end up dying.
If the vet who prescribed the cerelac is the only vet in your area you are most likely going to have to travel to find a better one.
Good luck!

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