My GSD puppy fears to other dogs.

I am a first timer to GSD adoption. I researched that GSD don't knows to fear (from Internet sources). But Here my 7 weeks old GSD puppy fears to here local dogs. Is this normal ? Again my GSD puppy weight is 3 K.g. (6 Lbs). Is his weight is normal ? Please Advice me ..

Asked by Member 1079055 on Dec 23rd 2011 Tagged gsd, agression, fear, health, puppy in Illness & Disease
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Your puppy is still just a little baby. You can try taking him/her to puppy classes. They focus on socialization and proper puppy play, which is very important. Koby was the same way, but after a few classes, he settled into the group and wasn't scared. The SPCA or your local animal shelters usually offer the classes. You can also take him/her to the local pet food store, Petco, Petsmart and a few others. They let you bring your dog in with you. I would start today or tomorrow, as soon as you can. Congrats on your new pup and Good Luck!

Koby answered on 12/23/11. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer


Your puppy is a baby!!! He should still be with his littermates exploring the confines of his home for at least another week or two, not out in the big, scary world.
At seven weeks he is comparable to a 9 or 10 month old human baby. Would you expect them to take on the world?????
Taking him around other dogs is not a good idea at all...first of all, he has NO protection from disease until his puppy shots are completed, but most importantly, his brain is not developed enough to cope with the whole world yet. Of course he is afraid and frightened!
He should be kept at home, allowed to eat and sleep and play and learn his name and beginning housebreaking and explore his new surroundings. This is a time for him to get to know his new family, not the whole world.
Please do some more research on handling a baby puppy!!!!!
A normal seven week puppy spends 80% of his day sleeping and eating and the other 20% exploring his immediate surroundings. Give him a chance to grow up a bit!!!

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Bruno CGC

I have to say, while a WELL-BRED German Shepherd should be confident and fearless, even as a puppy, any breeder who would sell you a puppy under 7 weeks old is probably not breeding top-quality dogs. It's just not good practice, so they probably cut corners in other ways too, like breeding dogs with substandard temperament. His small size seems suspicious too- is he eating well? Been dewormed more than once?

Fear is actually a big issue in poorly-bred GSDs.

A puppy class is a great idea when he's a little older- most classes will accept pups older than 8 weeks. You don't want to thrust him out into the world unprepared, make his contact with people and dogs fun and positive, not scary.

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