My golden has had a swollen upper eye lid- Benedryl didn't help- Prednisone did until weening off now swelling is back.

Taken to vet within first day of swelling. Vet figured bug bite. Injection of Benadryl was given. At one point painful to chew on side- that went away. Topical eye cream was given and Benedryl pills. Two days later eye was still not better and now eye looking to the outside. Brought dog back to vet. Checked eye and ran blood test. Eye exam concluded that everything was working properly. Blood tests came back great. Suggested that eye felt odd- perhaps a mass. Gave Prednisone- which worked great until we began weening off- then swelling started to come back and eyelid continued to droop. Eye is no longer looking off to side. Eye had a bit of green discharge today. We have an appointment with eye specialist on July 3, but am still concerned. My husband originally thought that Gus may have given himself a shiner from rough housing with other golden or by bumping into something. I would appreciate any ideas as my goldens are my babies and I am worried sick

Asked by Member 648746 on Jul 1st 2008 Tagged swelling, eye, prednisone in Illness & Disease
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