my german shepard has a raw spot onder his tail what could it be

he loves to swin in the pool and hates to be dried off could being wet all night cause skin reactions my vet thinks its allergies but i think it is the being wet all night he will let us dry him off but never totally dry he loves to swim and i hate to keep him out of the pool but he is so sad now and i am too because he is

Asked by Thor on Jun 26th 2009 Tagged pool, rash, wetdog, germanshepherd in Skin Problems
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Hi there!
Your question got cut off, but I am assuming he is suffering from the raw spot under his tail.
German Shepherds do get skin allergies more often than some other breeds, so your vet could be right. On the other hand, if you're not getting your dog's skin dry after swimming, this could be the cause of the problem.
Have you tried brushing while using a blow dryer on the lowest setting? Make sure the heat is the lowest, because dogs' skin can burn more easily than humans' skin.
Regarding allergies, take a look at the ingredients in your dog's food. Avoid corn, wheat, and gluten, because these can trigger skin allergies. My favorite foods are Solid Gold and Taste of the Wild, but I also sometimes get Wellness. If you do change your dog's food, add some of the new to the old, increasing the percentage of the new gradually over a week to 10 days.
Swimming is great exercise, and if your dog loves it, I would work hard to get that spot healed so he can get back to the pool. Good luck!

Katie answered on 6/26/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer

Miss Priss

German shepard skin rash and allergies?
How about some probiotic for your boy's diet.
A good dosage of acidophalus will help - this is not a drug but a vitamin/ supplement.
1 billion CFUs of Acidophalus will help...
If you want more info - paw mail us...

Another thing you can do is try to place some corn starch on the area ....
just pure corn starch will help with moisture and possible yeast.

see here for more help:

Miss Priss answered on 6/26/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


the pool and being wet all night does not have any thing to do with that.
BUT, make sure that your pool is not too high in chorline levels. You can get a $3 kit at the pool store to check it.
Perhaps the chlorine is high.
We wait so long after treatment then we test the pool. Our pool is very large so if your pool is small and above ground that could be the issue at hand.
If so wash the dog throughly with cool water try the solid gold herbal shampoo. Let the dog air dry in the shade. I would keep him out of it til you get a test kit. test the deep end and shallow end if you have an inground pool. Feed your dog no dogfood with corn products in it. Corn is the worst thing for gsd's. They will get skin issues as well as coat issues. Keep him from licking the area also, once clean rub in neosporin throughly, and keep his tongue off of it for long time.:)

Dieta answered on 6/27/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


I'm concerned about that raw spot, because it could be MORE than allergies. I, mommy's Pyr mix,had something called "peri-anal fistula"-that is an abcess of gland on either side of the tail, & is considered to be an immune system disease. It took a VERY expensive course of cyclosporin to fix the problem. The vet told us(& showed us paperwork) that this can happen to dogs with larger, heavy, hanging tails, shepherds were specifically mentioned as being prone to this. Other medical procedures are removing the infected gland or amputating the tail-neither is as good as the cyclosporin. You might ask your vet if that could be going on....good luck.

Tabu answered on 6/29/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer