My English bulldog won't get along with my Maltese! please help.

I have a 3 year old English Bulldog who is the only dog in the house. i offered to take care of my family's 5 year old Maltese who is also an only dog. I tried to introduce them on neutral territory with the help of my G/F by walking both of them together outside and watching them interact and giving them positive reinforcement. After walking both of them into the house they were fine. The Maltese was not aggressive and neither was the bulldog up until we decided to get comfortable in the living room. We placed two separate beds for both dogs to lay on. The Maltese got alittle close to sniff the bulldog and the bulldog snapped! we separated both dogs and tried again. The bulldog attempts to snap again without the maltese doing anything. My bulldog has become the aggressive one now. I would hate to keep them separated around the house. Please help. Thank you.

Asked by Member 1077777 on Dec 15th 2011 Tagged bulldog, maltese, newdog in Aggression
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