my dog's lower eyelid is swollen what should i do?

i have a white lab about a year and a half old and she came up to me i seen her right eye didnt look right.the eye itself looks to have sunk in a bit she's constantly trying to scratch it and rubbing it with her front paws is it serious it looks to be where the third eyelid is and its swollen she's sleeping alot which show's me she doesnt feel good about something thats not normal she's a really active dog.its not the lower eyelid itself but its inside the lower eyelid in her eye i dont know if she may have simply got something in her eye or if she ran into something she will not fight any other dogs so thats out of the seems to be very sore when i try to look at it and there seems to be some type of drainage i see on the fur around her eye she's keeping it closed mostly but she does open it a little please help me with this problem i love my dog to death and dont want to see her in pain like this.

Asked by Member 745952 on Oct 2nd 2008 in Other Health & Wellness
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what it is isnt as important as fixing it. Go to you local health food stores and get silver biotics ( it has to be that brand no other one works) put a 3 drops in the affected eye one a day and 1 tbsp oraly once a day . Tastes like water so you can out it in water.
If you cant get silver biotics locally order online here and tell them its an emergency

Sandy answered on 10/19/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer