My dogs keep pulling up the grass. What may help?

Ares and Athena keep pulling up the grass in our new yard at the house we just bought. I went out with them today to watch their behavior and we were only out there 3 mins and they started pulling it up again. I don't think it's because they are bored because they have toys out there, and they do it while we are playing too. They sometimes eat it and sometimes just pull it up. I think it's fun for them because the grass kind of pulls up in strings. They stop when I tell them no, but a couple minutes later do it again. Is there any kind of spray we can use that may be safe for them, but make it taste bad so they won't do this. One that is inexpensive since it has to cover the whole yard? I will continue to be consistent with telling them no, but sometimes we are unable to supervise them and I would like something that can help when I'm not out there.

Asked by Athena on Feb 28th 2008 Tagged grasspulling in Other Behavior & Training
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There isnt any spray that I no of but most dogs will eat grass if they are having nausea and if there bowels arent moving like they should. This is only my opinion but if they just pulling it up you wont need a lawn mower! LOL

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