my dog wont stop scratching or biting himself.

I got my 10 month old black lab 2 months ago and he has constantly been biting and scratching at himself. There are no bald patches anywhere on his body, but it is bothering me because i feel like somethings bothering him all the time and im not helping at all. He sleeps with me everynight in my bed and he also sits on my lap or lays on me while im in the living room watching tv, so i feel that if it were fleas i would have already recieved flea bites from being so close to him all the time.

Oh and he was given frontline about a week ago, so he is on flea and tick preventatives.

Asked by Member 1014683 on Dec 6th 2010 Tagged blacklab, biting, scratching in Health & Wellness
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He may have allergies. They can be caused by the weather, food, or by something you use or have in your house. If you are seeing a lot of dry skin and dandruff these last couple of months, I would say it is the weather. Moving into winter can cause the moisture to evaporate right off a dogs skin & fur. A wonderful product to use is PETfection Deodorizer/Allergy Spray. It is 100% Organic and Non Toxic and will help moisturize the area, relieve the itchiness, and cut down on the dander. You can use it as often as needed and it can be used with his flea/tick medicine. Find it at
If he doesn't have the dry skin and just seems to itch, you may try switching his food in case it is a food allergen. The only issue here is it takes a couple of months before you'll see results. Lastly, if a certain area in your house seems to make him scratch more, you might look around to see if something could be irritating him. Sometimes it's a plant or a type of detergent. Good luck!

Wyatt answered on 12/6/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


could be he has ear Mites if he is constantly scratching his ear's, but if he is just scratching, then I dont know what to tell you except it could be fleas, but you already said that he is on Frontline, so I dont know what else to tell you but maybe see a vet about it, sometimes pets get fleas too bad and it takes a while for the med to work or takes a stronger med, ask a vet about it, and see also if it could be dry skin and if they have any dog shampoo, Duchess gets really dry skin in the winter and I took her to the Vet and they prescribed a dog shampoo for her, and I had to bathe her in warm water and leave the shampoo in for ten minutes and I had to do that every week, its a hassle I'll tell you that, but it was worth it to see her happy and playing again, plus I felt great knowing I helped her!!! =D So, if you could ask a vet near you or just bathe him regularly, then that might help reduce the scratching.
Hope I could help, good luck!!!! :)
-Duchess :)

♣Duchess♣ answered on 12/6/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


Don't rule out the fleas too fast. It can take up to three weeks for a dog who is allergic to flea bites to stop itching, even after they are flea free. And, just because you are not getting bitten doesn't mean the dog doesn't have any fleas... they MUCH prefer a dog to a human!
Also, another cause of itching in dogs is too frequent bathing or using harsh shampoos which dry out their skin oils. And, failure to completely rinse out every bit of shampoo will also create major itching.
Finally, look at what you are feeding him... try a high quality product with no corn or soy... it could make a big difference.

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My rescue mom agrees it could be a food allergy or fleas. If you do not think it is either try this:
She had two fur babies with this issue recently. Both were on holistic Salmon and Grain free food and flea/tick preventative. Her vet recommended bathing them in Selsun Blue or Head & Shoulders. Once lathered up, leave it sit for 2 minutes, then rinse very well and use an oatmeal conditioner - Works like a charm!

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