My dog won't stop barking at the dogs next door. What do I do?

We just moved from a place that was relatively removed from the population, where Bailey would see maybe one or two strange people a day. She'd bark at them, that was fine because it was so little. But we just moved last week and now we live next door to a house with other dogs. She barks at them almost constantly when she's outside. I can't keep her indoors constantly, she goes crazy. Will she calm down as she gets used to the other dogs being there? Or do I need a bark collar or something (which I'd rather not use).

Asked by Bailey on Nov 25th 2007 Tagged barking, moving, barkcollar in Other Behavior & Training
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maybe you should take your dog on some play dates and get them to know each other better I'd only use the collar as a last resort if you must

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Theodore Bear

I have a bark collar that is remote controlled and only gives off a high pitch sound. When I bark too much or it's late at night, my mommy says do you want the remote and that's all it takes. I don't believe in the ones that shock dogs, but the high pitch sound makes me stop barking immediately, if my mommy even has to go that far. Like I said, I am so used to it that now my mommy just has to ask me if I want the remote and I stop. Wishing you the best cause barking dogs get on those humans nerves :)

Theodore Bear "Teddy" Cockapoo answered on 11/25/07. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 3 Report this answer


Has your dog and the neighbors dog met yet? Not just through the fence, but next to each other. If not let them met each other, and not just once.

Is your neighbor as concerned with the barking as you are? If so, I would ask them to work with you in getting your dogs to stop barking. You and your neighbor should go outside with your dogs, if they start to bark you correct them. Snap your finger and say no in a firm voice. They should do that with their dogs as well. Continue that until your dog and the neighbors dogs are calm around one another.

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