My dog won't sit or lay down. This started last night and I'm waiting for our vet but thought I would ask in the meanti

This started last night when we were going to sleep. Usually, he comes up to the bed and goes to sleep along with our other bulldog. However, he couldn't get comfortable and wouldn't sit still. This went on all night and now he won't even sit down. He is exhausted but won't lay or sit down. His stomach and behind are quivering but does not seem to bother him when we touch it. I'm really worried and we're taking him to the vet this morning but thought I could get answers sooner.

Asked by Member 627443 on Apr 29th 2008 in Answers
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Jiggs  CGC

Maybe a twisted gut? I'm sure you've taken him to the vet by now, I hope everything is fine.

Jiggs CGC answered on 4/29/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer