My dog won't 'come', and won't stay near me when off leash.

At the off leash dog park for instance, he doesn't 'check in' like the other dogs do, and often runs to far parts of the park and won't come back when I call him. Other than this he is very well behaved. We've been to one obedience class, but this issue wasn't addressed. He comes when I call him in the house quite well (albeit slowly), so anywhere other than at home I reward with treats if he does come when called.
He also escapes our back yard all the time, which is fenced...but then just goes around and plays in the front yard (which is near the street, so I don't like this). Help please.

Asked by Snowy on Apr 7th 2010 in Commands
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Have you trained a reliable recall??? I would suggest a good, positive based obedience class for starters.
A reliable come should never be attempted off leash until the dog is completely responsive and comes instantly while attached to a long leash. If you repeatedly call your dog to come and then do not follow thru by bringing him directly to front and rewarding him then the dog learns that come means nothing at all since he doesn't have to respond unless he feels like it. Until he is coming 100% of the time on leash, he should never be asked to come when off leash, especially when he is busy at a dog park. You are setting him up for failure by asking him to.
As to escaping the back yard, it sounds like, first of all he is bored silly out there. Do you interact with him when he is out??? I would suggest first fixing the fence before he ends up dead in the street and second spend some time out there with him so he has something to do and some positive associations with being

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What is his behavior before you get to the dog park or let him outside? Is he super excited and wound up? If yes, make him sit and wait until completely calm, then let him in the dog park or backyard. He will learn he has to be calm to go play. Another issue is he may be not getting enough exercise. So, when he is at the park he ignores you completely because he is finally releasing all the pent up energy he has been saving. You can always try taking him on a walk before going to the dog park, or walk him there. This will help reduce his energy as well, so he will be more apt to listen to you when called. Also sounds like you may need to fix whatever hole/fence issue you have letting him get into the front yard. Hope this helps, good luck!

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I think you should go back to the obedience class they require most of them that you have great basic obedience then once that is completed and approved then you move on to the hard stuff which is what you want the recall and sit in motion ect....
At least going through the whole thing then the dog will be that much better :)
Off leash is the worst and I don't promote off leash unless the area is fenced in completely with dogs you got to find the right motivation- is it cooked chicken, ham or beef, or is it a toy like a ball or a tug.
dog proof the fence how is he escaping. I see your concerns and they are valid. I say more training. You should get help on recalls and moving commands like a down which can all be done. I think rewarding him every time for coming no matter where he is-is the best thing to do. Even though I have had Bridget almost 2 yrs now I give her rewards for going to her crate each time. I reward her for anything she does that is good. It is a good habit to do.

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