My dog started vomiting at night, what could possibly be wrong?

I have a 7 year old female Samoyed; she has been kept on the same combination of dry and wet dog food for at least the last couple years w/o any problems, but recently she started vomiting at night. It does not happen all the time, but there were a few occasions in the last couple of weeks. She is also continuing to shed, not sure if that has to do anything with the vomiting. She received a de-worming pill a couple months ago. Otherwise her appetite is OK and she looks and acts fine and healthy. Could she be lacking some vitamins since it is winter and she cannot go outside to chew on some grass? Any advice/suggestions?

Asked by Umka on Mar 22nd 2013 Tagged vomiting, food, vitamins in Health & Wellness
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She might be having the hungry barfs which is throwing up yellow or just foam. You could give her a little treat before bed to see if that fixes it. Maybe make breakfast a little earlier or dinner a little later.. If this doesn't fix it I would check with a vet.

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