My dog, Rocco. Has peed in the house before. But then a friend moved in with his boy dog, and they have been peeing all

Asked by Member 1213011 on Feb 25th 2014 Tagged pee, boy, old, dogs in Dogs and a Clean Home
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Pineapple Smushface

They are marking their territory, which is completely normal when one dog's territory is invaded by another. There are some things that you can do to make the process less stinky. First, potty train both of them from the beginning. Scrub with urine-remover pet products, because regular cleaners will not remove any pheromones and the dogs will continue to eliminate wherever they smell their own, or the other dog's, pee. This is where the phrase 'pissing contest' comes from. Then, both males need to be neutered if they aren't yet. This may desire their tendency to mark everywhere. Then, get them both on a set schedule and make sure that they are walked and exercised three or more times a day. Keep them in a bathroom, or at least separated at night, until they are fully trained again. If necessary, hire a trainer to help the both of you humans through this smelly transition. ^_^

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