My dog is trying to vomit but nothing comes up. What should I do?

Asked by Member 775115 on Dec 1st 2008 Tagged vomit in Health & Wellness
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Cupid Forever Loved  '00/'08

You need to be a little more explicit. Is this a constant issue? Does he eat grass? How old is he? It could be as simple as an allergy. Without knowing the circumstances it's hard to give you a definitive answer. My little girl, Cupid, had a bad heart. She would cough and seem to vomit with nothing coming up. She had congestive heart failure. My girl Lily eats grass. Taco has a collapsing trachea. So many things that it could be. If this is a continuing problem, you need to have him/her vet checked as soon as possible.

Cupid Forever Loved '00/'08 answered on 12/1/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer