My dog is scared of his doggie door after using it OK for a year. He went thru too fast and hurt himself, what can I do?

My 16 month old Italian Greyhound has successfully used his doggie door since 8 weeks age. He comes and goes during the day, and also at night, going out to pee or just explore his yard. He loves it. Well, he did, now he is just plain scared of it. He shot through it the other day at 90 miles an hour and it made quite a noise. I think he must have hurt himself, so he is now terrified if it. I have tried smelly treats on the other side, but he will only occasionally put his head through. I have used bribery, encouragement, firmness, but nothing works. How can I help him regain his confidence?

Asked by Riley on Jan 25th 2012 Tagged doggiedoorproblem in Behavior & Training
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I had a dog get their tail caught in the door once and was scared of the door for awhile. We used the soft voice of calling them through and gave them treats. And even just pushed them in and out but was not to mean about it. I do not know what else to tell you. That is how nwe got our dog over it.

Seth answered on 1/26/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer


Hi! My human is a trainer at and this is what she says:
Baby steps! Sounds like your dog is afraid of putting his body through the door (since he seems to be ok with putting his head through). The first thing I would do is remove or tape the door flap. This will eliminate one element of the door and make it easier for him to cross. Use the treats (good and stinky) and put them on the frame of the dog door. This encourages him to make physical contact with the dog door. Then move up from there is steps: put treat on the other side of the door so that he has to reach his head through, then the two front paws, then his whole body. Once he has done that, put the flap back down and start that process over, starting from putting the treat on the frame of the door under the flap. Slow and steady wins the race - this could take more than two weeks of working every day to get him through the door. Iggy's have a really strong flight response to anything scary. Good Luck!

Baylen answered on 1/28/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer