My dog hates cats

I was in my front yard with caspian watching the kids throwing a ball around. A cat came out of no where and caspian's hair on his back stuck up and he started to bark like crazy! He almost dragged me across the street. I couldn't socialized him with cats because my mom is allergic to them.

Asked by Caspian on May 29th 2013 Tagged barking, cats in Other Behavior & Training
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You REALLY NEED to enroll in a good training class as soon as you can. You have an adolescent dog that is a mix of 2 powerful breeds..not good for novice owners. There is a very real potential for a disaster with this dog. With all the issues you have posted, you need outside help. Jumping, pulling, prey drive, no leash manners. Please tell me you have him neutered or are planning on doing it soon.
This is not a "happy-dappy" goofball. This is a ridgeback x bullmastiff. Have you researched these breeds?
You sound young, so don't take this as an attack. It is great you want to try to train him now. You should have been doing it since the day you opened your door to him. It is NOT too late. If you have no access to a trainer/class, here are a few good books for you.
The Power of Positive Dog Training, Pat Miller
How to Train Your Dog Like a Pro, Jean Donaldson (also has a dvd)
When Pigs Fly, Killion
The Other End of the Leash, McConnell
The Inside of a Dog, Horowitz

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One needs to be careful about what "socialization" is forced on an Animal. Just because you think Cats are ok, most Dogs do not. Stray/loose Cats or other animals are always an unknown risk when present. A minor scratch from an unprotected (rabies/other zoonotic) infected animal, could cost you dearly.

Praise your Dog for wanting to protect you from unknown dangers.

He didn't bark at the Kids, did he !

SNEAKERS answered on 5/30/13. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


I agree with Wiley, some good training with this dog and with you will really help the situation, you have posted a few things that clearly lead to the fact that a professional trainer is in order

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