My dog hates being brushed....

I bought a slicker brush to use on him and he absolutely hates it. Every time I try it on him he runs away. I am surprised by this because I thought most dogs like to be brushed because it scratches them, but not Charlie. He hasn't had any bad experiences with a brush because he's never been to the groomers, and his foster mom didn't brush him. What should I do?

Asked by Charlie on May 26th 2008 Tagged bush, brushing, comb, hair, shed, shedding, groom, grooming, groomers, puppy, scared, afraid, slicker in Home Grooming
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I think this is pretty normal. A lot of dogs don't like being brushed, even though it makes no sense....the same dogs will line up to get a good scratch and rub down from you any time they can, but with a brush? NO WAY!

Try starting out with a flea comb, instead. Somehow, the less bristles the better to start. Give a really tasty treat during and after the session is over. (Also, never call he dog to come for something unpleasant, or you'll lose the come command quicker than you can imagine!)

Try this every night before bed or at the same time every day so Charlie gets the idea that this is just going to be part of his routine and he's going to have to get used to it....and, oh, boy, treats for just sitting here and enduring this?? Hmmm...makes a dog wonder if getting a scritch and treats for it is really that bad!

After a week or so, you'll probably catch him wagging at the site of the comb. Then, progress to the brush.

Jack answered on May 26th.

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dental care is one area where dog owners can have a significant positive impact without too much effort. To tell the truth, it's a lot like taking care of your own teeth: simple steps taken now can prevent many problems down the road.

here are some guidelines:

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First you want to get something SOFT AND EDIBLE for the dog. Choices often include: cheese, uncooked hotdogs or peanut butter. Also grab the item of concern (either the nail clippers or the dog brush).

You are going to take this slow.. and for each dog this will vary a little depend on their fear. For this example we will use brushing.

Take the soft food and put it one hand and let the dog start licking at it. Take your other hand and gently start to brush the dog.

Keep these sessions SHORT... no more than 5 minutes tops.

Now.. if your dog STOPS licking at any time.. YOU STOP BRUSHING.. move the brush back to a place where the dog starts to lick again. Dogs won't eat when they are under stress.

With time.. this stressful areas will fade away. And you will find that the dog starts to LOOK FORWARD to grooming.

Nika answered on 5/30/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


MAny dogs AND cats dont like being brushed. They think of a brush as a negative item. To change the Brush into a postive item you have to teach him that the brush is a good thing. Just set the brush in front of him and give him treats. then put the brush away and dont give him treats. Take it out and do. Put it away and dont. Repeat this over and over until he thinks of the brush as a reward. then while holding his collar do one quick but gentle swipe down his back with the brush. Give him a treat , praise and then put the brush away. Keep doing it repeativly over and over until he sees that its not going to hurt him.

Love my dogs always and forever

Buddy answered on 6/3/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer