My dog has started to act aggressive towards other dogs.

I have a Yorkie Australasian terrier mix named Terri. I've had her for almost a year now and she's been great until about a week ago. There has been major changes in her life and I will list all of them at the end of this post. She used to act really friendly towards other dogs and has many dog friends so I have no idea what is causing her aggression or how to prevent it.
Changes in Terri's Life:
We flew from Texas to Vermont for vacation ( not returning for 3 months)
she met a different cat who acts differently than the one at home.
different apartment
I've started to walk with my mom and dad (who she recently met)
she's started to wear a harness
different food
started to teach her simple commands (like "sit")
I'm home all day with her
goes everywhere with me and family
before I came up to Vermont she only acted this way to one other dog that didn't like other dogs. please help me figure out what is bothering her because I eventually want to get another dog. Terri will be 2 in October

Asked by Terri on May 21st 2013 Tagged barkingchanginghelp in Aggression
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