My dog has developed a bottom jaw shutter after yawning and also had a slightly frothy mouth last night also licks air?

My 6 year old Maltise Shitzue cross has developed a sort of shuddery clicky jaw arfter yawning or moving her mouth in the last day or so. she was frothing at the mouth slightly last night and had some difficulty swallowing. She has been compulsivly licking her face and mouth and anything around her. it does not seem to both her or be painfull. other then that she is fine although eating a little more in the last few weeks. no eye trouble or anything esle i an notice wrong. no other symptoms of tetnus or anything i could think of. What could it be??

Asked by Member 789041 on Jan 8th 2009 Tagged shitzue, maltise, dental, disease, illness, lockjaw, mouth, licking in Illness & Disease
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Our Golden Retriever mix developed symptoms similar to this a couple of years before some neurological issues began to take hold. He had k-9 myelopathy the last year of his life, which eventually forced us to have him put down. There isn't much that can be done either way if it's related (our vet said it probably was), but a vet check may be a good idea for your doggie. It could just be a quirk or a symptom of something more serious. Good luck!

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Did you figure out what the issue was? Our Norwegian Elkhound has been doing the same and our vet thinks it may be related to the epileptic seizures she sometimes gets

Member 835173 answered on 5/11/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer