My dog has been vomiting all day, what can I do.

My dog Roscoe was fed table foods last night. This is not uncommon, my brother in-law feeds him diner even though I tell him not to do it. This morning there was four piles of vomit. My dog then vomitted three more times. It has been over eight hours and he cannot keep anything down. He is now throwing up clear liquied w/some spots of yellow and white foam. I am scared because my neibors do died two weeks ago from a suspected virus. Help please

Asked by Member 661072 on Jul 24th 2008 Tagged vomiting, alittlelzy in Emergencies & First Aid
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This is the season for Parvo Virus. Take your dog to the vet quickly. If Parvo Virus is attacking your dog, early treatment is necessary. It is a very simple test to show if he/she is positive for the virus or not.

Be sure to tell your vet all you stated above BEFORE taking your dog into the office. Parvo Virus is VERY contagious, and even Vet offices will ask that you bring the dog in the back door so to not contaminate the waiting room, etc

Early treatment for Parvo is critical. Dog's can survive the Virus, but yes, some do not as well.

Get to your Vet's office as soon as possible!!!
The feeding of table scraps may be incidental..not the real cause of your dogs illness. Sounds more like beginning stages of Parvo to me.

If you see any bloody diarrhea, fowl smell emanating from the dog itself, vomiting, lethargic behavior, no eating or drinking, you can be sure it is the Virus.

Don't take any chances. Get to your Vet!

I hope everything goes ok for you.....

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