My dog has been dry heaving every night for the last three nights. Should I be concerned?

And what could be the possible causes? She doesn't show any other sign of distress. Has a healthy appetite. Isn't lethargic...she actually seems to have more energy. Nothing comes up when she dry heaves. Was going to wait a week to see what ever is happening rides itself out. Not sure how concerned I should be.

Asked by Maya on Oct 30th 2009 in Illness & Disease
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I think you've noted some important things; she's still eating, she's happy and energetic. I think it's a good idea to take her in to the vet if it happens again or if anything changes in her attitude or eating habits.

It's possible she has something stuck in her esophagus. Dogs have extremely long esophageal tubes, unlike us humans and it's not uncommon for them to have something like a piece of stick or even some undigested food, stuck in there for a few days on end.

It's also very possible that she's got an empty stomach. Depending on what time of the day this is happening (you said nights, but hard to tell from that) she might just not have enough in her tummy. Dogs can have the same type of acid reflux we get if there isn't enough for the tummy acids to work on. So if this is happening late at night or in the wee hours, consider feeling her a small cookie or two before bedtime and see if it keeps happening.

Again, if it continues, take her in for sure.

Jack answered on Oct 30th.

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Is the dog also going to poo daily?
Continuous vomiting but not producing anything coupled with no poo could mean blockage and that should not be left
I don't know what is happening to her.
I don't know if kennel cough could do that, it could I suppose.
Maybe you should take her to vet in case it is something. hope she feels better, she is pretty

Dieta answered on 10/30/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer